Jayson Daniel Hotchkiss

a creative magician, design wizard and warlock of the fine arts. 


let's get into it. 

i like art, i love it.  i'd like to master my own sense of style if i have enough time in this life to work this left handed wrist through the carpal tunnel.  in a way, i exercise my creativity through a tunneled vision that spans the lengths of everything i do.  everything i create is an extension and compilation of my ranged experiences.  i now feel rare to be without a sense of tense responsibility when it comes to knowing the great power of creativity.  i embrace everything i have and keep on creating freely.  i don't exactly know how it is that i exist with this "ability" or "talent", but i will never give it up. in the end, it's where it stems from, where i go back to the start........a heart of art.