custom "our song" collage

"Our Song" is a Framed, Custom Paper Craft Collage that captures the song you love, as a totally unique wedding or anniversary memento.

If you're interested in this item for a wedding or anniversary gift, please follow the link to check out the details on how to order, or contact me directly -

the paper mario maker

"Mario Maker" - is a paper craft collage that was meticulously crafted by sizing, cutting, shaping, color coordinating and gluing small pieces of paper from a collectible art book included with the Mario Maker Video game!

only available on my Etsy shop -

let it be

my latest paper craft project features the song, "Let it Be", cut from a vintage Beatles guitar book.  in this one, i used portions of the cover as well as liner sheets from the song itself. 

i have this and other paper crafts available on my etsy shop -