the jovian playlist

The term 'Jovian' comes from the name of the planet 'Jupiter', thereby describing other gas planets in the solar system as Jupiter-like. Gas giants are not only composed of gas, as it is commonly believed. Within these giant balls of gas exists a rocky core.

this playlist for June compiles indie pop, new wave, dreampop, garage rock, and indie folk.

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the jade playlist

jade is the pantone i selected for this july's playlist.  it's a color most famously associated with the jade gemstone, which is a vivid emerald green and is semi-transparent.  the photo i used is of a good buddy of mine from back in the day.

so hop back into the shade and pop in this jade playlist to get your summer grooving.  it's an eclectic mix of soul, disco, downtempo, hip-hop, electronic, dance and synthwave. 

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