the opal playlist


feels like i am forever trying to get caught up on my monthly playlist series, but i’m almost there! the latest playlist, collected from October 2018, centers mostly around garage rock and low-key alternative vibes. there are also some nice fall feeling dream pop gems slipped in at the end.

garage rock / alternative / indie pop / dream pop

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the declination playlist


by definition, declination is the angular distance of an object in the sky from the celestial equator. but declination is also a word used to describe something sloping, bending or moving downward. this playlist moves in bendy ways and definitely slopes downward toward the end. it's an eclectic one, as i think most of the playlists at the end of the year are. honestly, i'm feeling pretty sad to move forward past the "space-themed" playlist icons, but i'm excited to turn the page to something fresh!

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the singularity playlist

Singularity - The center of a black hole, where the curvature of space time is maximal. At the singularity, the gravitational tides diverge. Theoretically, no solid object can survive hitting the singularity.

25 tracks from September 2017 that were compiled and arranged just for you. the playlist features mostly indie. check it out here -->