Le temps de l'amour

This is a 16x24 in. art print from Wes Anderson's seventh film, Moonrise Kingdom, hand-drawn in a unique comic style format.  It's named after the song Wes used in the last frame when they begin to dance, "Le temps de l'amour" performed by Francoise Hardy.

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the comique pet portrait

Capture the character of your tiny hero (or villain!) with a digitally drawn, Comique style Pet Portrait. With its edgy comic look combined with my unique drawing style, this comique portrait style makes a super gift for any pet lover.

this a new pet portrait style i offer on my Etsy shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/peanutinkshop?ref=hdr_shop_menu&section_id=18975496




the weekly ink #134

Valeria is a very motherly hen, who has raised scores of chickens and fostered many other birds around her farm.  A very traditional bird, she values manners and good morals highly -- to the point where it is not unknown for her to lecture everyone and anyone about how a proper being should behave.  She also has a heart of gold, and a colloquial country vernacular to boot.

..weekly ink #134 - "Valeria"...

the weekly ink #133

Rouge is a fox, native to the forests closer to Mt Etna. Naturally, she wouldn't normally be found in the city. For reasons she will not easily disclose, she has come all the way to the city in order to search for someone -- whether a friend or beloved, she remains tightly-lipped about. Either way, Rouge is a fox who speaks very little about herself. She is fantastic at dodging questions and could probably take home a gold medal in talking circles around topics she does not wish to discuss. Rouge is not afraid to get her hands (or paws, technically) dirty and is the sort of fox who prefers to let her actions speak over her words. So taking that into consideration, although Rouge can appear quite self-serving, for those causes she dedicates herself to, she will stop at nothing to see them to the end.

..weekly ink#133 - "Rouge"..