the martian

Mars has been highly considered by many to be the "first Earth" in our solar system.  it took only one monumental moment, billions and billions of years ago, when something destroyed Mars surface and atmosphere, preventing it from sustaining life.  that's of course not to say, that there was no trace of life before or after this cataclysmic event..

today, scientists and astronauts are delving deeper and getting even closer to cracking the mystery of Mars, adamantly seeking an understanding of what caused it's planetary deconstruction.  I believe they are hoping it will unlock new ways to help prevent a similar fate here on Earth, should it arise while our species reside here.

in Ridley Scott's new film, The Martian, releasing in October, we find a solitary astronaut fighting to sustain his life on the inhospitable surface of Mars.  while i do particularly love this director for his science fiction oriented films, i'm actually hoping for a more realistic approach on this one.