the rumours

it was this past week's monday morning, and as the planets of the universe continue to expand over my head, as do the chain of rumours about the sisters of the moon.  as long as you follow with no questions asked, the world keeps turning.  if you go your own way, the landslides will cause silver springs to burst, swallowing all seven wonders of the world.  oh Diane, even the skies the limit for the songbird or albatross of your dreams.  only as a gypsy can you look through the storm and past the fleeting light to see the gold dust woman.  she appears as a paper doll and demands big love or you're never going back again.  i'd like to say you love me angel because i'm a family man and you make loving fun, everywhere.  i'd love for you to think about me.  i'd love for you to hold me.  just tell me that you want me...........but is this love a battered tusk, straight black like a love in stone?  no, i believe it's merely a heart taken back by the fleetwood mac.