the boo who?

i'm talking about a second in the next generation of family nuggets.  well technically, there are already 5, but i'm talking about the second in the bloodline.  below is the first, Sloan, my brother's daughter.  this picture was taken the day after she was born.  i was lucky to be in the same city for this moment in time because it was monumental. 

now, the youngest of us all, my baby sister is preparing another minion to wreak havoc on the planet.  on that birth day, i sincerely hope to be there along with some of my fellow family members.  but today, on this particular birthday, i wish all those loving feelings from afar to the youngest most precious of my siblings, Miss Jennifer Lynn.  the days of you being just a tiny baby booboo in our eyes will soon come to an end once you have a tiny baby booboo of your own. 

the only thing you need to remember from here on out is the one phrase that has never seemed to leave my thoughts, "it's all about love."  -Jennifer Hotchkiss niece Sloan, like 12 hours old... niece Sloan, like 12 hours old...