the guardians of the galaxy

yeah yeah, nerds everywhere have been spontaneously combusting over this film since it debuted this past summer, including myself, but i'm not here to gush about that.  that's not to say that it is without a doubt, one of the most epic and quite funny comic book movies i've ever seen, surpassing all expectation and hype, which is quite uncommon these days. 

to me, and in these times especially, there are many specific tastes and palettes to this genre.  what works for one nerd cult, can inflame another.  it's basically nerd purists versus casual nerds versus the rest of the earth's population.  so the comic film genre can become a tough crowd to please, if you consider that it's now a fine balance between cash-in and comic credibility. 

the genre has also become so saturated.  i remember walking into the box office on a big release weekend and having to select between a drama, action, comedy or an animated film.  all of which were skewed toward a particular age or audience and none of which were comic book-based.

nowadays, comic inspired films have taken over the box office, spanning or adapting a mixture of all types of genres.  which makes my heart happy to see.  especially how studios like Marvel are truly treating their films to their fans.  their phase 3 line-up is insanely exciting.  yearly slates occupied by Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War and MORE.  it's a quite noticeable difference when compared to how competing studios treat other peoples characters or properties (like Fox and Sony with Marvel's own x-men and spider-man, respectively).  while Warner/DC are just heating up, they have yet to truly display the potential of their shared universe.  but it's a no doubt promising, if not truly eventful universe to behold.

until more comic inspired films come this nerds way, i am groot with what i got.