the spider man.

for a long time i've wished i was bitten by a radioactive spider.  that was primarily between the ages of 6 through 14.  yes, i collected figurines, cards, comics, etc.  i still do.  i forever think extensively about the idea of becoming a character with super powers that is real and that exists within our own universe.  i mean why not, this universe might have us pegged on this planet with the power of persistance and resiliance but there are sooo many other universes out there right now that are thriving in perpetual perseverance.  the concept of super powers could be boiled down to the evolution or super evolution of a species within these undiscovered solar systems.  but as tides turn gradually and gravitationally by moons, so do my thoughts on superheroes.  shortly after the age of 14, i felt my time in this world had ended.  while everybody else was going to dances and practicing their french kiss, i was contemplating freeing myself from childhood fantasies.  for a moment i was nerd-free, but it didn't take long before i was pulled back into orbit.  now, at the amazing age of 30, i find myself living in arms reach of a barbie-like spiderman doll......i'm not even going to pretend he hasn't been outside of his package.  and if you're wondering, yes, his suit is optional.