the smash brother tattoo inks

phew.  finally got the inks done on this thang.  it's a tattoo commission for someone in australia, it's meant to be a full arm sleeve but i cropped it for better viewing pleasure. it's based on characters from nintendo's smash bros series but not in any particular title.

there's a lot going on here and probably one of the most ambitious character projects i've ever done in terms of the idea that everything was created as a giant mural rather than each character separately and then combined.  which meant i designed each character to fit within a space, limiting my posing and leading myself to create a lot more effects relative to each character.  if anyone's seen my previous smash entry, that was an example of how i made each character separately and then placed them all together in a group shot.

also, the criteria for how the characters are interacting was all direction from the commissionee which was a blast to interpret some of the more graphic concepts into visuals, like peach's heart being ripped out by super sonic or pikachu's tail getting sliced off by ike.....this was a lot of fun to make.

personal favorite battle in here is ike vs. pikachu.

color is next!  can't wait!!

...smash bros tattoo commission ink stage...