the singularity playlist

Singularity - The center of a black hole, where the curvature of space time is maximal. At the singularity, the gravitational tides diverge. Theoretically, no solid object can survive hitting the singularity.

25 tracks from September 2017 that were compiled and arranged just for you. the playlist features mostly indie. check it out here -->

the jet stream playlist

a jet is a narrow stream of gas or particles ejected from an accretion disk surrounding a star or black hole.  meteorologists use the location of some of the jet streams on earth as an aid in weather forecasting.

this playlist collects 25 found sounds of July 2017 and features indie-dance, nu-disco, synthwave & retro 8-bit jams.

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the meridian playlist

the meridian is an imaginary circle drawn through the North and South poles of the celestial equator.  a meridian also refers to a high point in relation to development and prosperity.

this march playlist has a slow build of indie and dreamwave, then moves into indie-electronic and new wave territory.

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the faculae playlist

Faculae are bright granular structures on the Sun's surface that are slightly hotter than the surrounding photosphere. -Encyclopedia Britannica

this February playlist is comprised mostly of soul, R&B & electronic genres.  I started putting the tracks together around V-day, so it's got some romantic afterthoughts sprinkled throughout. 

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the jansky playlist

2017 and beyond.  the future is fleeting, much like the eclectic space between the tracks in this first playlist of the year.  the icon theme is space-related just as the spatial relationship between songs fluctuates like a radio wave.  i tried to use downtempo vibes to bookend the more explosive indie rock tracks in-between, hopefully they play the ear well.  anyway, this list is named after Karl Jansky.  a short description of his astronomical influence is below:

One of the ways modern astronomers study the Universe is by tracing light waves through telescopes; another is by studying radio waves. The man who discovered the existence of these extraterrestrial radio waves, and thus founded radio astronomy , was Karl Jansky. Employed as an engineer in Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, Jansky was assigned the job of reducing static noise on transatlantic radio transmissions, and it was while inquiring into the origin of this static that he made his discovery.

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make you feel my love

this is a custom papercraft design made special as a wedding gift.  this will be the song the couple will dance to, "Make you Feel m Love" performed by Adele.

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the amber playlist

this months playlist pantone is amber and the vintage photo used here, is of my sister, brother and i getting rowdy in the pool. 

these are 25 tracks i've collected through the month of august, compiled and arranged for maximum listening pleasure.  the playlist itself features hip-hop, downtempo, soul, disco, indie dance and synthwave. 

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