the meridian playlist

the meridian is an imaginary circle drawn through the North and South poles of the celestial equator.  a meridian also refers to a high point in relation to development and prosperity.

this march playlist has a slow build of indie and dreamwave, then moves into indie-electronic and new wave territory.

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the faculae playlist

Faculae are bright granular structures on the Sun's surface that are slightly hotter than the surrounding photosphere. -Encyclopedia Britannica

this February playlist is comprised mostly of soul, R&B & electronic genres.  I started putting the tracks together around V-day, so it's got some romantic afterthoughts sprinkled throughout. 

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the jansky playlist

2017 and beyond.  the future is fleeting, much like the eclectic space between the tracks in this first playlist of the year.  the icon theme is space-related just as the spatial relationship between songs fluctuates like a radio wave.  i tried to use downtempo vibes to bookend the more explosive indie rock tracks in-between, hopefully they play the ear well.  anyway, this list is named after Karl Jansky.  a short description of his astronomical influence is below:

One of the ways modern astronomers study the Universe is by tracing light waves through telescopes; another is by studying radio waves. The man who discovered the existence of these extraterrestrial radio waves, and thus founded radio astronomy , was Karl Jansky. Employed as an engineer in Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, Jansky was assigned the job of reducing static noise on transatlantic radio transmissions, and it was while inquiring into the origin of this static that he made his discovery.

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the amber playlist

this months playlist pantone is amber and the vintage photo used here, is of my sister, brother and i getting rowdy in the pool. 

these are 25 tracks i've collected through the month of august, compiled and arranged for maximum listening pleasure.  the playlist itself features hip-hop, downtempo, soul, disco, indie dance and synthwave. 

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the jade playlist

jade is the pantone i selected for this july's playlist.  it's a color most famously associated with the jade gemstone, which is a vivid emerald green and is semi-transparent.  the photo i used is of a good buddy of mine from back in the day.

so hop back into the shade and pop in this jade playlist to get your summer grooving.  it's an eclectic mix of soul, disco, downtempo, hip-hop, electronic, dance and synthwave. 

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the jasper playlist

Jasper is an opaque variety of Chalcedony (quartz), and is usually associated with brown, yellow, or reddish colors.  Jasper is almost always multicolored, with unique color patterns and habits. 

this is the color i chose for my June playlist and the icon also features a vintage picture of my father and i (for father's day ;).

the playlist starts off on the heavy side, featuring a slew of canadian, american and swedish indie rock.  the second half of the list carries the ear into a smoother, bittersweet mood.  enjoy!

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the mauve playlist

may the soul sonic force be with you as you journey through the spring shades of the Mauve playlist.  a list so thickly coated in hip-hop, soul & disco flavors that by the end, you're sure to find some jams stuck in your ear.

this playlist icon features the shade of Mauve and a vintage picture of my mother.

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the 2014 playlist icon compilation

i just thought it'd be fun to take a look at a compiled image of all my playlist icons from 2014.  if you're interested in hearing some of the sweet tunes i discovered throughout that year, go to "listen 2014" (located in the tab on the top of the page) and explore any of the 12 different playlists.

...2014 playlist icons...

the moss playlist

dig into this slow growing collection of mossy jams that have been lining my inner ear this month. 

these are all mostly new tracks collected primarily through the month of March.  the pantone shade is "moss", and the photograph is of my grandmother (circa 1960s i believe).

most of the sounds within are - indie, dream pop, shoegaze & acoustic

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the Janna playlist

my playlist icon theme for this year includes pairing pantone shades and their names, with vintage family photographs. 

for this month of January i went with "Janna", which is a flesh color most commonly used in foundation makeup.  the photograph is of me when i was about 3 years young!

some of the music that makes up my foundation stems from country western.  so this list compiles that with pop and alternative country and folk.

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the decemburr playlist

i've always found christmas music to be a strange blend of exceptionally joyous and exceptionally depressing tunes.  this playlist reflects both sides of this somewhat bittersweet holiday.  i hoped for an honest mix of classic christmas inspired songs and ones that seem synonymous with the winter season.  all the while, candy-coating them with reflections of my personal taste in music genres. 

my one and only single guilty pleasure here, is Mariah Carey's, "All I want for Christmas".  i have never been able to deny how magical that song is, especially around the holidays.

and to anyone in the world who has ever stated they do not like this song - you are lying.

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