the comique pet portrait

Capture the character of your tiny hero (or villain!) with a digitally drawn, Comique style Pet Portrait. With its edgy comic look combined with my unique drawing style, this comique portrait style makes a super gift for any pet lover.

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the weekly ink #132

Minerva is a Little Owl (as in the species, not literally just a small owl). She is a messenger and helper of Athena.  Want help from her? You'll get it, just expect a healthy side order of sarcasm to go with it.  Minerva was sent to look after Cassandra, but she is not thrilled with a babysitting assignment.  She's capable and very knowledgeable -- but everything comes with grumbling and snarky jokes to keep herself amused while stuck on a job she considers below her.  Underneath all the sass, though, she does have a caring and benevolent heart -- otherwise she wouldn't have gotten into the job to begin with.

...weekly ink #132 - "Minerva"...

the Cosmo pet portrait

this is the pup that made history this week, becoming my very first pet portrait sale on Etsy!

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vintage pet portrait - Cosmo

vintage pet portrait - Cosmo

the vintage pet portraits

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Now through May get 50% off a custom Vintage Portrait of your pet with coupon code - VINTAGE50

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Jack Black

the weekly ink #110

Fuzzbucket is a mutated lab rat that has escaped from a top secret animal experimentation lab.  it is about 3 inches tall and can fit in the palm of your hand.  without the use of any arms, it relies heavily on its abnormally large hind legs and feet to get around.  not only can this sucker scurry, but its legs also have the jumping ability of a kangaroo.  it feeds with it's snout-like tongue that can also stretch up to 12 inches! 

...weekly ink #110 - "fuzzbucket"...